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What are the best cars for taxi drivers?

Recent research by found that the Nissan Leaf is the best car for taxi drivers. 

According to the most recent figures from the Department for Transport, as of 2019, England was home to 291,800 licensed taxis and private hire vehicles (PHVs) alone, with PHVs making up 76% of all licensed vehicles.

Experts at compared base model price, vehicle tax, emissions, fuel economy, comfort ratings, boot, front and back legroom dimensions. They analysed 23 of the most commonly used and referenced cars used for PHVs. 

Out of the 17 UK based cars analysed, the 2019 Nissan Leaf came out on top, scoring 86 out of 100. The fully electric car performed consistently high across all criteria, with the joint top MPGe (Miles per gallon gasoline equivalent), no vehicle tax, and a strong comfort rating of 4. 

In second place is another electric vehicle, the Kia Soul. While the model also topped the charts for MPGe, comfort and electrical design. It’s smaller boot dimensions and front leg room meant it finished second with an overall score of 81.  

The Ford Focus Estate also scored highly for fuel economy, boot size and comfort, however the higher emissions and tax costs saw it drop points and finish third with a total of 72 points.  

In fourth and fifth place are the Skoda Octavia and Hyundai Ioniq scoring 69 and 67 respectively.  

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