The UK's only Government Accredited Advanced Driver and Rider Training and Testing Programme

We can provide driver and rider training and assessments for key workers

Due to social distancing measures, driver and rider testing and training in its usual form has been suspended. However some in-vehicle training and testing for key workers is permitted.

Diamond can provide essential driver and rider training to key workers, as well as those taking on occupational driver and rider roles to help us strengthen the frontline during this COVID-19 crisis.

Driver and rider training helps with the recruitment and deployment of both key personnel and key goods and services.

Guaranteeing the safety and wellbeing of our trainers, examiners and candidates is our priority. We work closely with fleet, logistics and licencing bodies, as well as the government, to develop in-vehicle training and testing approaches to mitigate risk as best we can. We also provide a range of non-contact training and assessment services online.

If you require any level of training or testing for drivers and riders within your local authority, please contact Diamond for both expert advice as to how best to approach this, and also to understand what services we provide across the UK.

With access to the largest and most experienced network of trainers and examiners in the UK we are well placed to support any essential driver and rider training.

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