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Tesla begins offering test drives via a remote app

With the use of the automaker’s app, consumers may now remotely access cars as part of a new test drive programme from Tesla.

Users may now schedule a test drive, submit their driver’s licence, and unlock a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y demonstrator for a one-hour window using the upgraded Tesla app.

At Perth (Scotland), Carlisle, Shannon (Ireland), and Merry Hill, the programme has begun. This is an extension of its initial unmanned remote test drive hubs from earlier this year, which were located in Perth (Scotland), and Sweden. These test drives are conducted in extremely remote, unmanned areas.

In the future, customers will be able to self-schedule a test drive from their closest Tesla location whenever and wherever it is convenient for them, as all test drives in the UK and Ireland will be managed through the Tesla app. They just need to approach the car when the appointed time comes, use the app to unlock it, and go off.

Just 14 years after it began offering its Roadster car for restricted delivery in 2009, Tesla delivered its one millionth electric vehicle (EV) in Europe last month.

Since the release of the Model 3 and Model Y, the brand’s popularity has increased. The Model Y is this year’s top-selling corporate car as well as the best-selling electric vehicle in the UK.

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