Taxi and Private Hire

Taxi and Private Hire

Diamond is the UK’s leading provider of accredited tests and training for taxi and private drivers and riders. We offer a choice of taxi tests for drivers, as well as a range of training courses and resources for taxi firm operators and local authority clients alike. Our comprehensive driving assessments, expert advice on further training and development (as well as the unique benefit of candidates additionally acquiring an internationally respected advanced driving qualification in the process) combine to make us the provider of choice to the taxi and private hire industry.

As well as being a globally respected accrediting body in the field of driver education and training in its own right, Diamond is also accredited by the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency to provide driver training and testing services specifically focusing on the Fleet and occupational driver market and is a specialist in providing accredited training and assessments to the taxi and private hire market in particular. 

We work with a large number of local authorities across the UK to provide taxi tests and developmental training (both in-car, in classroom and online)  – helping both drivers and passengers stay safe on our busy roads. In advising on managing their road based risk, we also help taxi and private hire operators reduce their exposure and their costs. 

Part of the UK’s largest professional driver training association, we have unparalleled access to suitably qualified trainers and Examiners across the country –  meaning we can provide high quality training and testing wherever and whenever needed. Recruiting from our own large database of trainers and examiners (the largest database of regulated, professionally qualified driver and rider trainers and examiners outside of the DVSA) , we carefully screen, select and specially train all the personnel we provide to ensure they meet our high quality standards. 

In brief, we offer:

  • A choice of taxi tests
  • Tests available UK wide
  • Tests available as quickly as 5 days from booking 
  • Additional accreditation by Diamond Advanced Motorists, recognised globally as a leading quality marque in driver and rider training and education
  • Suitably qualified, licenced and regulated driver and rider trainers and examiners
  • Access to the largest network of professional driver and rider trainers and examiners in the UK 
  • The ability to handle large volumes of testing and training
  • A fast, efficient, friendly and flexible service
  • Two levels of test, Standard and Elite, with prices starting from as little as £78
  • 1:1 training and testing

We are currently evolving our provision in order to offer a full range of driver training and road based risk management resources to local authority, taxi and private firm operator and individual driver clients, specifically designed for the PCV market- call us for an informal discussion about the services we can provide.

Local Authorities

Looking for a reputable assessment provider and alternative to the DVSA? Read our useful guide to choosing a provider and test.

Taxi Test

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