Diamond Tests

A Diamond test can help you develop your on-road skills and knowledge, whether riding or driving for work or leisure.  Diamond training and testing focuses primarily on improving your safety and competency but was also the first advanced driving test in the UK to also encourage motorists to develop their eco-efficiency.

Diamond is widely acknowledged as the most professional of the advanced driver and rider assessments as we are the only Government accredited advanced driver and rider training brand in the UK using only fully qualified and regulated trainers, assessors and examiners to deliver our programmes. All our trainers and examiners are widely experienced in developing drivers and riders across the spectrum,with particular focus on your individual development needs, are professionally qualified and are all regulated by the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency. With more professional driver and rider trainers and examiners available across the UK than any other advanced training body we can match a trainer or assessor to you wherever you are.

We have a choice of training packages and tests for both drivers and riders available on request.

Advanced Tests

Car test | £87

You may have just passed your test, are currently training to be an ADI or have been driving for decades, regardless of how much experience you have on the road, it is good to keep developing those skills and boost your driving confidence. Book our Diamond advanced test and take your driving to the next level.

Motorcycle test | £90

You may have been riding for many years and now is the time to continue to enhance your skills. As a rider on today’s busy roads it is a good idea to keep developing your skills and boost your rider confidence. Book our Diamond advanced test and take your riding skills to the next level.

Elite Tests

Car test | £127

Taking the Diamond elite test is the ultimate challenge, aimed at drivers and professional trainers who want to take their driving to the highest level. You may wish to develop your own driving, become a Diamond examiner or establish yourself with confidence within the fleet training sector. This test will help boost your confidence and open up new career opportunities.  

Motorcycle test | £152

Taking the Diamond rider test is the ultimate challenge aimed at riders and professional trainers who want to take their riding to the highest level. You may wish to continue developing your own riding, become a Diamond examiner or enhance your skills and confidence to the optimum level. 

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