We train, test and develop drivers across every vehicle and licence category – and across the age and ability range

We are the only professional driver training body to provide such a span of driver education services, in the UK and globally. All this means that we are able to offer the widest range of rider and driver development products and services as standard – whilst also having the flexibility to create bespoke programmes to suit a diverse range of client needs. We can offer driving tests and assessments, driver training qualfications, driver screening, licence checking and profiling products as well stand alone courses on a range of key driver education topics. We also offer advice and consultancy on wider road safety issues.

Individual Motorists

Develop your driving or riding

Fleet Decision Makers

Any vehicle or licence type, we can help develop your drivers and improve your fleet’s road safety

Taxi and Private Hire

The UK’s leading provider of taxi tests and training

Diamond International

Training and assessments for drivers and riders available worldwide

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