photo depicting clinical tests sobriety driver by a policeman

Police step up roadside breath tests

Police have stepped up roadside breath tests following an increase in deaths caused by drunk drivers.

Data published today shows that Police in England and Wales breathalysed 249,542 motorists in 2022 – an increase of 8% compared with the previous year.

Nearly 17% of drivers were over the limit – similar to the previous two years.

In 2021 there were 260 deaths on Britain’s roads where a motorist was over the drink drive limit – the highest since 2009.

Department for Transport figures estimate a total of 6,740 people were killed or injured in drink drive accidents, with drunk drivers accounting for 17% of road deaths.

“We’re pleased to see an increase in the number of dedicated road policing officers, which has resulted in stricter enforcement,” comments Hunter Abbott, managing director of personal breathalyser firm AlcoSense.

“Home Office figures show there were 3,960 traffic officers by March 2023 – up 2% on the previous year.

“However our testing levels still lag way behind other European countries. In England & Wales just 5 tests per 1,000 inhabitants are carried out.

“In Ireland the figure is 18 per 1,000 population, whilst in France it’s 109”.

Other reasons for the increase in breathalyser tests in 2022 include traffic returning to normal levels following the Covid lockdown restrictions and the football World Cup in November and December.

Research shows that, at the current drink drive limit in England & Wales, you are 13 times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash than when sober.

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