Over a third of motorists have no idea how to use car tech features

Over a third of motorists have no idea how to use tech features on their cars, according to a study from the British Motor Show.

More than a third of drivers (35%) remain in the dark as to how to use Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and high-tech infotainment platforms properly, with 20% of drivers saying they use less than half of the tech in their cars and a further 10% saying they understood only a fraction (less than 20%) and simply just drive it.

One of the main issues appears to be with a lack of explanation when customers first buy their cars, with 71% of drivers saying that they felt not enough information about the in-car tech was given to them by the dealer when they first bought the car. 

25% of car owners said they were given no information whatsoever about what tech was on their cars and how they should use it.

The British Motor Show CEO, Andy Entwistle, said: “Pioneering tech will play a huge part at The British Motor Show 2020. We’ll have the innovators of the past, present and future all together in one location and provide show visitors with the opportunity to immerse themselves in all of the latest and greatest tech that the car industry has to offer.

“The show will also give those who feel less confident with the technology or who simply don’t understand it the chance to find out more without the pressure of a hard sales environment. 

“Our industry should be extremely proud of the technology it has and the show is the perfect opportunity to show it off, but it’s clear that consumers need greater understanding about just how technologically advanced cars are.”

The organisers are expecting over 50,000 visitors through the doors of Farnborough International between 20 and 23 August.

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