How can training help before a test?

Training is helpful before any test; it can point out factors to which you’ve been oblivious if you have been driving for a long period of time.

Just because you have been driving for a long time, does not mean that you are a world-class driver. Over the years you are likely to have picked up bad habits – everybody does.

Having a training session will highlight any bad habits you have and aim to correct them so you are test ready. 

Also if you are not the best at parking like me, extra lessons help remove the worry of getting that particular manoeuvre in the test. 

Training will remind you to check your mirrors when you need to and of course stick to the speed limit. Indicating can also be an issue. As frustrating as it is, a lot of drivers still forget to do this. 

Training sessions are a great way to develop your driving skills. They can also help if you are teaching your child to drive to make sure you are up to the standard of driving that is needed to pass the test and to ensure they don’t pick up any of your bad habits. 

Training sessions can help with:

  • Confidence
  • Manoeuvres
  • Understanding of what is involved in the test 
  • Understanding what is expected of you in the test 
  • Improving your driving skills
  • Being reminded of mirror checks, gear changing and hands always on the wheel – NO coasting 

Chloe Denny

Diamond services manager

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