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Unfortunately, this is not possible unless it is under exceptional circumstances, you will need to discuss this with our Diamond team at head office. Once a test is booked and paid for you will be contacted by a local examiner within 48 hours (Monday-Friday) to discuss dates, times and meeting place options. If for some reason we cannot accommodate a reasonable date, time and location as per our terms of business, we will refund you in full. Refunds are only made in full under certain conditions being met. For more information please see our terms and conditions or call the Diamond team.

You need to wait 48 hours for an examiner to contact you. If you booked after 6pm on a Friday this will mean you may not hear from an examiner until the following Tuesday. Please ensure you keep your phone on as the examiner may call from an anonymous number which you will not recognise. You may also contact us using the contact form below with your order number to obtain your nominated examiner's number to contact them directly to make the necessary arrangements.

You can contact the head office using the contact form below. If the name is incorrect on the booking you can discuss this with the examiner when they contact you. If the contact details are incorrect it is very important to let us know in order that we can reach you to make an appropriate test date and time.

You can book a training session online when you book a test or at any time leading up to your test. Diamond recommends that you have a training session before your test, even if you have been driving for many years, as this is the best way to establish your prior knowledge and experience, as well as covering what is required on the test itself. Sessions are one hour long and if you decide to have more training at a later date, this can be discussed with your nominated trainer. Your trainer cannot be the same person as your examiner and your training session cannot be taken on the same day as your driving test.

A test result cannot be overturned or changed as the circumstances under which the test is taken cannot be recreated. For all conduct issues on a test, you must make an official complaint using the complaint form below, you will receive a response within 5-10 working days.

It is very important that your vehicle for the purposes of the test is legal, roadworthy, taxed, MOTed and insured. You will need to sign a declaration on the day to verify your insurance (no documents are needed). You can bring any type of vehicle in category B, manual or automatic, as long as it complies with the requirements above. Under no circumstances will you be able to take your test if your vehicle is not roadworthy i.e. a failed brake light, a cut in the tyre, warning light on the dashboard etc. The examiner can give you up to 10-15 minutes to resolve a problem, any longer than this and a test will be cancelled and the test fee is lost.

Diamond examiners work to a very tight schedule and are not employed by Diamond. Examiners are paid for each test booked with Diamond and are still paid if a client is late, the applicant is a no show, the vehicle is not suitable for the test or the cancellation policy has not been adhered to correctly or in good time. The test fee in these circumstances is therefore lost and a candidate would need to rebook and pay for a new test. More information on cancellations and the requirements for the Diamond test can be viewed online at

Test reports and certificates are kept digitally for 6 months only. After this time they are deleted inline with our GDPR regulations. If you lose a certificate we cannot issue a new one and you will need to take the test again to obtain a new certificate.

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If you have any questions and/or comments about Diamond Advanced Motorists, please complete the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Complaints procedure

If you wish to make a complaint about any of Diamond Advanced services please complete our complaint form, complaints cannot be made by telephone and you will be directed to the online complaint form.

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