Great feedback from safeguarding course

Just before Christmas, Karen held a safeguarding course for a number of Diamond examiners. The course took place in Manchester, with one of our examiners kindly providing a venue for the occasion.

We’ve had great feedback on the course, here’s some of the comments we have received:

“The information gained during the Safeguarding course was useful, as was the interaction with other assessors and hearing their experiences which is certainly food for thought. One of the major things which sticks in my mind is the need to be protected (and feel protected) when meeting a client and particularly at the end of a test. It seems these days that even where others are present, little or no assistance would be forthcoming in all likelihood. Diplomacy appears to be the only course of action and that still depends on the attitude of the individual. Communication at the client’s level is key; appearing officious can be extremely counterproductive!

There will always be potential danger which cannot be foreseen until it’s too late. Perhaps danger money should be paid!

I enjoyed the day and learned from it, thank you. I don’t feel that my current way of operating can be or needs to be changed – unless something happens to convince me otherwise. The safeguarding of the client I don’t have a problem with. I don’t deal with learners or longer term contracts in general, and never need to invade the space of others.” – Chris Potten, Diamond examiner

“Very much enjoyed the safeguarding course, thank you Chloe. The main thing I took from it was in relation to people telling us things they perhaps shouldn’t. I think we’re all pretty well read on the rules about sleeping with and touching pupils etc, but from time to time pupils will confide in us and tell us things. It’s good to know that it protects us as much as them if we do something and it is obviously good to know that these organisations exist that can help.

I enjoyed it so much, I’ve asked Carly to come to Stoke next month to speak to our local ADI association about the subject.” – Nick Heath, Diamond examiner

“I found the safeguarding course very interesting and informative. Working with learner drivers, particularly 17-year-olds, ADIs have a duty of care to their pupils if they suspect they are in a vulnerable position.

The course included listening skills and examples of warning signs and also gave us more knowledge as to how to follow appropriate procedures and who to report to. It is vital that all ADIs enrol on a safeguarding course as they are often in a situation where they suspect something potentially serious is going on, or a pupil will confide in them about issues such as neglect or abuse.” – Hilary Mills, Diamond examiner

“This is the second time I’ve been involved with a safeguarding course. The course was interesting, informative and very well presented.

As part of the juvenile justice system in Scotland, I’ve been a Children’s Panel member/trainer. Safeguarding was an issue that was dealt with in some degree but there was no formal qualification available or required to become a panel member. I believe this was partly because it was felt that an introduction and understanding of the subject was important but a separate formal qualification unnecessary.

I got the feeling from some at the update that they felt they were only qualified to teach their pupils/customers and safeguarding was well out of their remit and should remain so.

Having said the above, I do believe that a safeguarding course should be introduced, even required, as part of any instructor training and for ADIs, PDIs and motorcycle instructors for inclusion on DVSA register.” – Jim Milton, Diamond examiner

You can find out more about the course here. It’s being run at a range of locations across the UK. Our very own Chief Diamond examiner, Karen, will be hosting the course in the spring at our head office in Crawley. I am hoping to also join in on the day to learn more about the subject!

About the writer

Chloe assists Karen in the day-to-day running of Diamond, dealing with all examiner enquiries, administration and is first point of call on the phones.

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