Free Diamond Advanced re-test

Diamond members are entitled to a free Diamond advanced or advanced taxi re-test every 3 years.

As part of your Diamond membership, and once you have completed 3 years of subscriptions, you will be entitled to your free Diamond test.

The Diamond test is also for all those interested in driving including:

Taxi drivers

If you are a taxi driver you may be required by your Local Authority to renew your taxi test every 3 years and being a Diamond member will ensure that you have budgeted for your re-test.

ADIs and PDIs

PDIs may wish to take the Diamond advanced test as a cost effective ‘trial run’ before committing to take the ADI part 2 test towards qualification. Taking the Diamond advanced test will also ensure you will not forfeit one of your 3 attempts with the DVSA.

ADIs can take the Diamond advanced test as part of their on-going CPD or upgrade to the Diamond elite test for courses such as the DIA fleet course.

Members of the public

Members of the public are welcome to take training followed by the Diamond test to gain confidence, refresh their skills, particularly following a long gap in driving or following a medical condition that may have an impact on driving. Whatever your reasons, being a Diamond member will ensure your skills are up to date and we are here to support you along the way.

The Diamond advanced test lasts for 60 minutes and a pass will be awarded if you achieve no serious or dangerous faults and you do not exceed 6 driver faults.

Enquire about your Diamond Advanced Test or upgrade to an Elite Test

If you are interested in some Diamond training before your test or you would like to upgrade your advanced test to an Diamond Elite Test please call 020 8253 0120 to discuss options available to you.

How do I claim this offer?

If you are a Diamond member and wish to take advantage of this offer please call us on:

020 8253 0120

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