The UK's only Government Accredited Advanced Driver and Rider Training and Testing Programme

Diamond International

The Diamond footprint has spread far beyond the UK for many years. We are providers of development training to both learner driver and fleet training centres across the Middle-East, Africa, South-East Asia and China. Whether the requirement is for course design, up-skilling of trainers or assistance as consultants in driver education at on-the-ground operator or government level, we are an established global provider bringing UK driver education standards to the world.

Our international team are among the most experienced and qualified worldwide. All our trainers are UK approved professional driving instructors who hold a fleet qualification and the Diploma in Driver Education qualification. We staff our international provision through personnel who are highly experienced in working overseas in full-time road safety positions. Our trainers have worked within the oil & gas or logistics industries which apply some of the most comprehensive road safety requirements of any industry. We base our provision on proven UK standards but understand local trends and cultures.

Whether you are a small provider supplying basic level training for learner drivers, a corporate fleet road safety manager or a Ministry of Public Transport provider conducting your own in-house training, our driver and trainer development programs are designed around your needs. We focus on your requirements and assist you by tailoring targeted solutions. We are acknowledged by numerous Regional Transport authorities, Police and oil & gas companies as a credible supplier of driver education services.    

Our accreditation services are widely recognised as of the highest value due to our absolute integrity in assessing standards. We currently lead the market in accrediting public transport services in the Middle-East due to our exacting standards and are widely recognised throughout the region for our accreditation to oil & gas industry training providers.

Our accreditation services range from course endorsement through to full accreditation of training centres and staff. Whilst we regularly provide development training for potential training providers, we understand that to generate improvements in driver education on a national scale in some of the countries we work in, a greater skill-set must be encouraged at a local level. We actively encourage and support our clients to build their own in-house capability to enable them to progress competency without the expense of external providers.