Diamond Occupational Driver Theory Test

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The Diamond Occupational Driver Theory Test consists of multiple-choice questions covering:

  • Road signs
  • Road law
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Safe and defensive driving
  • Eco driving and road safety performance


40 multiple-choice questions

Time limits

The test is to be completed within 40 minutes 

If you leave the test or close your browser window after starting the test your progress will not be saved. However any time you used will be reflected in the time you have left once you return to the course.

Required pass mark

You will need to answer all questions of the Diamond Theory Test – the pass rate is 80%

If you fail the Diamond Occupational Driver Theory Test you will not be able to retake the test without purchasing the test again.

Once you have completed the test you will be given an PASS or FAIL. An online certificate will be generated with your registered name. Your certificate can be downloaded any time from “My Courses and Tests”.

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