Become a Diamond Trainer or Examiner

There has never been a better time to become a Diamond Examiner or Trainer

Across the UK, demand for our advanced tests is ever increasing. We are currently supplying examiners across the UK with a regular pipeline of assessment work. We are looking for experienced ADIs and motorcycle trainers to join us as examiners, with the potential to earn extra income each month*.

Are you ready to take the next step in your career by qualifying as a Diamond examiner or trainer?

Become a Diamond Examiner

Earn extra income and take your ADI badge to the next level as a Diamond Examiner.*

Become a Diamond Trainer

Offer both your novice drivers, riders and full licence holders accredited advanced training and help develop their on road skills and safety. Adding a Diamond Trainer qualification allows you to offer more developmental training to clients new and existing. Diamond Trainers and Examiners work across the licence and vehicle classes, so regardless of what, who and where you teach you will be able to offer a Diamond route.

To become a Diamond Trainer you must complete a Diamond Elite test. On successful completion we will add you to our register of trainers and you will be eligible for training assignments via Diamond, as well being able to promote Diamond courses yourself independently. 

Become a Diamond Accredited Training Centre

Driver or rider training school with multiple trainers? Why not become a Diamond accredited training centre?

Training centres all over the world chose Diamond as an accrediting body for their post test training provision.

Becoming an accredited centre means we’ll train your people to become in-house trainers and examiners enabling you to act as a Diamond specialist centre in your area offering a range of post test assessments and training services for both riders and drivers.

* Subject to demand in your area.

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