Become a Diamond Trainer or Examiner

There has never been a better time to become a Diamond Examiner or Trainer

Across the UK, demand for our advanced tests is ever increasing. We are currently supplying examiners across the UK with a regular pipeline of assessment work. We are looking for experienced ADIs and motorcycle trainers to join us as examiners, with the potential to earn extra income each month*.

Are you ready to take the next step in your career by qualifying as a Diamond examiner or trainer?

This prestigious qualification calls for the highest standard of driver and rider trainers. Diamond examiners are eligible to carry out a range of assessments and training throughout the UK. This could be your opportunity to diversify your service provision as a driver or rider trainer and boost your income.

Diamond Examiner Package

Diamond Examiner Qualification for Motorcycles and Cars

The Diamond Examiner Qualification** includes:
  • Full training and all learning materials, including a 3 day training course
  • Your 1:1 driving/riding assessments
  • Post-qualification support; including access to valuable tools and resources for assessors in the field
Upon successful completion of the course we will provide you with a Diamond branded fleece, polo shirt, examiner ID and lanyard for a professional look. Once qualified, Diamond examiners then have 2 years to work towards their Diploma in Driver Education (DipDE) with the DIA, or motorcycle equivalent qualification, i.e. RoSPA Diploma or Motorcycle Rider Training Instruction (MRTI) course. The course runs Tuesday-Thursday, with 1 day of classroom training and 2 days in-car or on-road training. Once payment has been made, we will contact you directly to discuss your preferred course dates and certification for the Diamond Elite test, which needs to be in place before the course date you have chosen.


If you are interested in becoming a Diamond examiner or would like to find out more about our bespoke training qualification, please contact Diamond’s Chief Examiner, Karen Bransgrove on 020 8253 0124 or .

Diamond Examiner Registration

Once qualifying as a Diamond examiner you are eligible to register on the Diamond register. The annual registration fee is £75 per annum and will qualify you for ongoing CPD in line with requirements for being a Diamond examiner.
The registration fee includes:
  • Webinars
  • An Elite test every 3 years
  • Diamond check test and supervision
  • Examiners update meetings
  • Diamond membership
  • Access to the ADI help desk

As a Diamond examiner you automatically qualify to be a Diamond trainer for taxi, advanced and elite training.

£75 per year

In order to qualify for the above benefits you will need to sign up on our direct debit scheme and keep up your payments for 3 consecutive years. If you decide to cancel your direct debit your name could be removed from the Diamond register.

Become a Diamond Trainer

Offer both your novice drivers, riders and full licence holders accredited advanced training and help develop their on road skills and safety. Adding a Diamond Trainer qualification allows you to offer more developmental training to clients new and existing. Diamond Trainers and Examiners work across the licence and vehicle classes, so regardless of what, who and where you teach you will be able to offer a Diamond route.

To become a Diamond Trainer you must complete a Diamond Elite test. On successful completion we will add you to our register of trainers and you will be eligible for training assignments via Diamond, as well being able to promote Diamond courses yourself independently. 

Become a Diamond Accredited Training Centre

Driver or rider training school with multiple trainers? Why not become a Diamond accredited training centre?

Training centres all over the world chose Diamond as an accrediting body for their post test training provision.

Becoming an accredited centre means we’ll train your people to become in-house trainers and examiners enabling you to act as a Diamond specialist centre in your area offering a range of post test assessments and training services for both riders and drivers.

* Subject to demand in your area.

** Eligibility criteria and conditions for Diamond Examiners.

Whilst we recognise other advanced driving examiner qualifications as a useful element of prior learning, Diamond is a markedly different approach and marking scheme, therefore all candidates will have to complete our full examiner course to gain the qualification.

All candidates therefore must: 

  1. Hold full and current Approved Driving Instructor registration or be on the Register of Post-test Motorcycle Trainers 
  2. Be a DIA member (to ensure appropriate Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance is in place)
  3. Have completed a Diamond Elite test within the last 3 years. If candidates have not yet completed this test it can be arranged on application for the examiner course or booked online. The Diamond Elite test is a separate qualification and is not included in the Diamond Examiner course price.
  4. Complete the Diploma in Driver Education (DipDE), Motorcycle Rider Training Instruction (MRTI) course or the RoSPA Diploma within 2 years of qualifying as a Diamond examiner

Registration to our Examiner register is £75 annually, payable by direct debit.

*** Due to the nature of the in-car training elements of this course, some dates may be subject to course numbers. We therefore advise candidates to wait for confirmation of their chosen course dates before booking travel or accommodation. 

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