The UK’s only government accredited advanced driver and rider development programme

Diamond training is delivered by regulated and professional trainers and examiners. We are recognised worldwide as a quality mark of advanced driving or riding. Whether you are an individual wishing to develop your driving or riding skills or a fleet decision maker with a large number of drivers or riders, we can deliver a programme of learning and assessment tailored to your needs.

Individual Motorists

Develop your driving or riding

Fleet Decision Makers

We can help develop your drivers and improve your fleet’s road safety​

Taxi and Private Hire

The UK’s leading provider of taxi tests and training​

Diamond International

Training and assessments for drivers and riders available worldwide

Why choose us?

Diamond is the leading global provider of driver and rider testing and training and sets the standard for professional driver education across the globe. 

A respected road safety body, we provide driver training and testing programmes designed to help organisations improve the safety and competence of their drivers and riders – protecting precious people resources and vehicle assets.

We aim to look after our shared, number one resource too – our planet – by being the first provider in this field to include eco-driving in our training and assessment programme.

Our advanced driver and rider programmes are directly accredited by UK government (Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency) and are recognised internationally as a quality marque of driver testing and training.

Drawing on one of the largest networks of professional driver trainers and Examiners across the world, we can provide training and testing solutions in a huge range of locations and diversity of driving environments worldwide.

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Develop your driving or riding skills with the UK’s leading professional advanced driver and rider training body

Fleet Decision Makers
Any vehicle or licence type, we can help develop your drivers and improve your fleet's road safety
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